Migraine Headaches Causes and Cures

There are various reasons why migraine is triggered. And there are several ways to cure migraine headaches cause and cure.

Here are the different migraine headaches causes:

1. Vices – people tend to engage in vices such as alcohols and cigarettes therefore having a risk of obtaining this neurological syndrome.
2. Too much light exposure is another factor too.
3. Once a month women experience their monthly menstrual cycle altering the changes of the hormones in their body. These hormonal changes in the body are another reason that causes migraines.
4. Lack of sleep and too much stress is an additional concern for people with migraines.
5. It is not advisable to skip meals and expose yourself to noises that beyond your hearing’s capability of receiving.
6. Eating foods that was processed or had been fermented in any cases should be avoided.
7. Keep away from any pastries, cakes and cookies since these baked foods may be good for the appetite but they are absolutely health enemies.

There are lots of food that is rich in tyramine. Foods high in tyramine can lift up blood pressure and it has more protein content compare to the other foods. Protein-rich foods include chicken livers, parmesan cheese and other cheeses, chocolates, baked pastries and processed foods. Too much of everything can lead to serious problems. The foods listed above are all delectable and avoidable too. If migraines headaches cause you trouble you already, these symptoms would likely occur. You can experience ‘aura’ or the haziness in your visions; Nausea resulting to vomiting and intensive pain inside your head. The pain would probably last for four hours to three days. Frequent urination, losing your appetite for food, too much sweating even if you are just sitting around and too much light and noise sensitivity are some of the additional facts for some people experiencing migraines.

Aside from migraine headaches cause there are also some tips in migraine headaches cure.

1. Resting in a dark and cold room may help to reduce pain.
2. Lie down and place a cold or wet cloth behind the back can lessen the sufferings too.
3. Taking a cold shower might stop the dilation of the blood vessels.
4. Taking anti-inflammatory drugs are big contributors too.

Another kind of medication that has been proven to stop the attack of pain from migraines is by taking triptan. Triptan has the ability to stop the enlargement of the dilation of the blood vessels, coiling it again and stop the release of the chemicals that causes the pain. Just like triptans, one more drugs or medications that can stop migraine headaches are the ergots. It is the mixture of a substance that contains caffeine and other medicines that can terminate pain.

Migraine headaches cause are just a few centimeters away and resisting is a big problem to everyone. The best thing that should be put in mind is a goal to rid off the intolerable pain that these migraine headaches causes could give to you.