Migraine Headaches Cause – 11 Most Frequent Causes

A migraine is much more than a bad headache, and this condition is due to some migraine headaches causes. Migraine is a condition wherein there is a total pain being felt on one side of the head, giving uneasiness and discomfort to the person that suffers on it. Migraines usually start in the adolescent stage, as man in this stage starts to be involved in many routines and activities in life. And it stays in you for many hours and up to days. But before migraine occurs, there are warning signs that you will recognize at the first place.

Migraine is caused by the rapid thickening and thinning of the blood vessels in the brain and head, causing the fiber walls of these blood vessels to become irritated and inflamed. The reason why blood vessels get malfunctioned because the person engages in many activities that exceeds the limitations of the human body. This allows the vital organs, including the nerves and the blood vessels, to function abnormally and become damaged. Some migraine sufferers eventually recognize the triggers that lead to migraine headaches cause. The possible causes of migraine include:

(1) Having allergies and allergic reactions to food, smoke, medicine and others;
(2) Very bright lights, extremely loud noises and usual odors or scents;
(3) Physical, mental or emotional stress or the combination of the three;
(4) Irregular sleeping and resting time;
(5) Exposure to heat, smoke and direct sunlight;
(6) Frequent skipping of meals;
(7) Frequent intake of alcoholic beverages that are rich in sulfate;
(8) Menstrual cycle fluctuations, taking birth control pills, and hormonal changes;
(9) Stress, tension and pressures;
(10) Foods containing monosodium glutamate such as snacks and finger foods, and tyramine such as red wines, preserved cheese, grilled fish, chicken livers and beans; and
(11) Other foods such as dairy products, fermented meats and those that are high in caffeine content.

Some of these triggers actually do not cause migraines, but avoiding them cannot help you to treat your migraine.

The best option to prevent migraine headaches cause is usually to try avoiding them, even though prevention is not always that effective as expected. But there are a number of procedures and treatments that are proven to help reduce the frequency and impact of migraine to you and to your health. Take a note of the following:

(1) Have a headache diary – a notebook that helps you keep track of the occurrences of your migraine, and all information about the remedies and procedures you have taken, your diet and your daily routine;
(2) Identify the early warnings of migraine – these include visual disturbances, fluid retention, mood changes, increase and decrease in appetite, sensitivity to light and sound, restlessness, dizziness, diarrhea and nausea;
(3) Always have a regular sleep;
(4) Avoid being stressed as much as possible;
(5) Limit alcohol intake;
(6) Avoid caffeine, monosodium glutamate and sulfate-rich wines;
(7) Take prophylactic medications;
(8) Take non-prescribed supplements;
(9) Avoid direct exposure to smoke, light and radiation; and
(10) Have healthy exercise routines.

There are also some migraine headaches causes that cannot be prevented at all, such as weather conditions and menstrual periods, but in times of encountering these factors, the best thing to do is to relax.

It is better to treat the migraine with proper measures such as having a good and healthy lifestyle. Drugs and natural cures are not the only solutions to overcome and prevent migraine headache cause. Engaging yourself in a good daily routine helps you to avoid the things that may trigger a migraine headaches cause.

Headache Causes – Natural Way to Chase Headache Away in Minutes

Headaches have become a regularly occurring medical condition and at present disrupt the lives of many people across the globe. Almost everyone experiences headaches and migraine attacks – from children to aged men and women. The main headache causes are extreme stress and tension.

A large number of people find it hard to balance between their job and their obligations at home. This affects negatively the people’s mental and physical health which apparently leads to migraines and headaches. It is important for you to identify these and other similar headache causes in order to deal with them effectively. There are certain ways in which you can fight these headaches and migraines.

The most common way for getting rid of headaches in minutes is to get a massage. A 5-minute massage is refreshing and helps for the temporary relief from a headache. Similarly a neck massage is also a great way to bid goodbye to headaches and migraines.

Another way to get rid of a headache in a short span of time is to stop exposing your eyes to any sort of light. Exposing your eyes to light triggers headaches and increases the pain. You should take a break from what you are doing and lie down or sit in a dark room with your eyes closed for some time. Try to empty your mind of all thoughts. This might be tough at first, but you should try to think of good things that you want to happen or that have happened to you in the past. This is a relaxation technique that has helped a large number of people cure their headache in minutes.

Then there are certain oils, the scent of which helps for soothing the muscles, for relieving headaches and eliminating headache causes. This treatment is called aromatherapy and has gained a lot of popularity over the past few years.

Headaches – Cause – Cheese Or Tension?

Your headaches cause can be multiple and very varied. Tension headaches are not some inherited trait that runs in the family. In some people, headaches are caused by food allergies, like to cheese, perfume, or coffee. The symptoms may be tight muscles in the jaw, back of the neck, behind the eyes, and even in the scalp.

Tension headaches are usually set off by some environmental factors or as a reaction to stress. The most common sources of stress and frustration are found in traffic, at work, and at home. It’s hard to escape stress nowadays.

The major difference between a regular headache and a migraine is the intensity and throbbing.

Migraines can lead to:
– sensitivity to light and noise
– nausea and vomiting
– disorientation and impossibility to concentrate
– excruciating pain in the teeth caused by excess jaw tension

Tension headaches, features may include:

– Headache when you wake up
– Aching muscles
– Chronic fatigue
– Impatience and irritability
– Difficulty getting to sleep
– Difficulty staying asleep

It can get worse when we take medication to relieve the pain. Almost all synthetic pain killers and headache medications cause side effects. All they do is hide the pain, but do nothing to get at the cause. One of the most common side effects is an upset stomach and bad digestion. These pain killers can be heavy on the body.

All they do is hide the symptoms, they don’t get at the cause. Oftentimes, there isn’t much we can do to reduce stress, at least, immediately. So, one thing you can do is help your body get enough nutrition to be able to handle the stress better and not react badly to it.

It’s a little like lifting weights. Would you start weight lifting with really heavy weights or little ones? Of course, you build up gradually. As you build muscle mass, your body gets better equipped to carry the burden and it doesn’t hurt so much. You get stronger and more resistant.

Our body wellness is similar. We need to make sure our body is strong enough to take the stresses. You can do this with better life habits, like good food, fresh air, lots of water, breaks, exercise, and vacations, etc.

A fast and easy solution is to help strengthen your body with natural supplements. There are many natural ways to relieve headaches and at the same time feed your body with the nutrients it needs.

Maybe your headache cause is just the body’s way of saying, “Hey, you’re overloading me. Help me get stronger, so I can carry this stress and not react with headaches“.

Migraine Headache Causes – All Great Information

There are so many things that a person should know about the known migraine headache causes. It has been said that this type of headache is genetic and involves a lot of factors emotionally, physically and environmentally.

There are many factors that trigger these painful headaches, but it varies from one person to another. Though most headaches suffered have a common cause, the environmental factor. Migraines can be caused by many factors like certain foods, physical surroundings, medications, emotions and most especially physical stress.

Major factors of migraine causes are sun glares, bright lights, loud noises, contrasting patterns and some smells that annoy a person. Heavy and awkward smells from certain perfumes can also be a great factor of migraine causes. Other smells like strong odors and smoke from cigarettes can also trigger these headaches. Headache causes may also include other environmental factors such as sudden change of altitude, low or high temperatures, changes of time zones and jet lag.

Other individuals may include some medications and some foods as part of the problem. Monosodium Glutamate or MRG, a flavoring or flavor enhance commonly used for some processed foods and Chinese foods, is one of the great factors that causes migraine. Some would be affected by beverages like coffee, chocolates, wines and others. Some are affected by nuts, artificial sweeteners and nitrates.

Some people’s migraine headaches are triggered by hormonal changes, especially women. Women usually have natural fluctuation during their menstrual cycle. Part of migraine headache causes are lack of sleep, hunger, physical exertion, head injuries, and other stress that is related to physical and emotional pressure.

There are prescribed drugs and over the counter medications that can be taken for pain reduction of the migraine headache. In addition, some known migraine causes that one must be aware of are Zantac (prescription and OTC ranitidine), nitroglycerin and serpasil.

The migraine headache’s physiology is explained as such: the blood vessels in the brain react with the neurotransmitters of the brain that triggers the migraine headache. Since this is also genetic, a person has acquired migraine from family members and first degree relatives. It’s also has been said that a person can inherit the headache from environmental factors due to stress that rushes the blood vessels of the brain.

Identifying Your Headache Causes And Triggers

Both men and women alike are afflicted by headache pains at least at one point in their lives. While some headaches are more common in one gender than the other, the pain is still the same and has to be dealt with. Chronic headaches can be debilitating and can cause productive hours being lost when you have to lie in bed. One way to deal with the pain is to figure out your headache causes and triggers. Only then, can you find ways to prevent these headache causes. After all, prevention is just as important as treatment.

To properly track your headache causes, it is best to maintain a headache diary. You can then have proper records of when your headaches occur, how bad they are and what the accompanying symptoms are. In this manner, you have written notes to tell them to your doctor. You should also note down the activities that you were doing just prior to your headaches, what you ate and drank for breakfast, lunch and dinner, how you slept, any new products that you have used, and any medications that you took. All of these observations are extremely helpful in figuring out what your headache causes are.

Some medications are also known as headache causes. So it is important to tell them to your headache doctor. Unfortunately he or she may advise you that you cannot stop these medications. These medications include those that are used for high blood pressure, seizures and ulcers. Sometimes drugs that are used for heart problems will also cause headaches. Birth control pills can also be headache causes. This is because they are hormone adjusters.

It has been found that not eating enough food can also be result in headaches. A study involving 2,000 people found that women who went longer than 5 hours without eating were quite likely to get a headache. If a woman went more than 13 hours at night without food then this could also trigger a headache. Unfortunately researchers could not find an exact cause for this. But it is likely to be linked to a drop in blood sugar or dehydration.

Too much or too little sleep can also trigger headaches. This is why it is important to try to keep a sleep routine. You should sleep the same amount of time each night and also go to bed and get up at the same times.

There are many other types of headache triggers as well. They include certain types of food, sex, exercise, tension, noise, light, smells, smoking and alcohol. You need to identify and then eliminate the factors that result in your painful headaches. This is key to good headache care.

Migraine Headaches Causes and Cures

There are various reasons why migraine is triggered. And there are several ways to cure migraine headaches cause and cure.

Here are the different migraine headaches causes:

1. Vices – people tend to engage in vices such as alcohols and cigarettes therefore having a risk of obtaining this neurological syndrome.
2. Too much light exposure is another factor too.
3. Once a month women experience their monthly menstrual cycle altering the changes of the hormones in their body. These hormonal changes in the body are another reason that causes migraines.
4. Lack of sleep and too much stress is an additional concern for people with migraines.
5. It is not advisable to skip meals and expose yourself to noises that beyond your hearing’s capability of receiving.
6. Eating foods that was processed or had been fermented in any cases should be avoided.
7. Keep away from any pastries, cakes and cookies since these baked foods may be good for the appetite but they are absolutely health enemies.

There are lots of food that is rich in tyramine. Foods high in tyramine can lift up blood pressure and it has more protein content compare to the other foods. Protein-rich foods include chicken livers, parmesan cheese and other cheeses, chocolates, baked pastries and processed foods. Too much of everything can lead to serious problems. The foods listed above are all delectable and avoidable too. If migraines headaches cause you trouble you already, these symptoms would likely occur. You can experience ‘aura’ or the haziness in your visions; Nausea resulting to vomiting and intensive pain inside your head. The pain would probably last for four hours to three days. Frequent urination, losing your appetite for food, too much sweating even if you are just sitting around and too much light and noise sensitivity are some of the additional facts for some people experiencing migraines.

Aside from migraine headaches cause there are also some tips in migraine headaches cure.

1. Resting in a dark and cold room may help to reduce pain.
2. Lie down and place a cold or wet cloth behind the back can lessen the sufferings too.
3. Taking a cold shower might stop the dilation of the blood vessels.
4. Taking anti-inflammatory drugs are big contributors too.

Another kind of medication that has been proven to stop the attack of pain from migraines is by taking triptan. Triptan has the ability to stop the enlargement of the dilation of the blood vessels, coiling it again and stop the release of the chemicals that causes the pain. Just like triptans, one more drugs or medications that can stop migraine headaches are the ergots. It is the mixture of a substance that contains caffeine and other medicines that can terminate pain.

Migraine headaches cause are just a few centimeters away and resisting is a big problem to everyone. The best thing that should be put in mind is a goal to rid off the intolerable pain that these migraine headaches causes could give to you.